Bunny Facts:

A Rabbit's Foot is actually
Not Lucky
for a
Bunny Hopper, especially if
it was his.

BunnyHoppers.com is always looking for new blood devoted to creating solid, enjoyable, replayable games. If you thought you’d never get the chance to work in the gaming industry, our elevators are constantly making trips to the Ground Floor - your talents will definitely be seen at BunnyHoppers.com. We welcome new creativity, especially in the following areas:
  • Game Programmer
  • 3D Modeler/Animator
  • Level Designer
  • Game Modders
  • 2D Graphic Designer
  • 3D Environment Artist
  • Sound Engineer

You can send us email at gopostal@bunnyhoppers.com – include a resume (if you have one), gaming experience, talents, expertise, game engines you’ve created mods – anything you think we’d want to know to give you a place in the Hutch.

Professional experience is NOT a pre-requisite to work on games with BunnyHoppers.com. Game Playing experience, creative talent and a sense of humor IS. Hurry and contact us - we need help peeling the carrots!