What's Up, Doc?

Things are Hopping!

Trust me, this isn't a site devoted to speed-jumping your way through first person shooters - hence the symbol (but you already knew that, cause you am smart).

is a Game Development Team built around fun, immersive computer games. Much like our current game, this site is a work-in-progress. We haven't released the name or details of the game we're currently working on (hey, don't want to spoil the surprise or give great ideas to other designers just yet!) but we do post news on our latest thoughts and innoventions.

We can tell you this much: It combines elements of several game genres - it will appeal to fans of game series like both Deus Ex and Monkey Island - and will have hilarious single and multiplayer gameplay where you can play as either the Good Guys OR the Bad Guys!

Check the joint out. The Fun's just beginning! HOP TO IT!

June 1 - We've started to get some impressive response to our talent search (see below). In the meantime, the Dev Team has been tackling Urban Renewal and Interpersonal Communications. Not that we're hard to talk to... Read More...

If you have a "wild hare" to program fun computer games; have mad art skills for characters, architecture, items, and locations; love nothing more than to create a unique mod that you're sure no one has done before; or have that amazing knack for making challenging maps and levels, BunnyHoppers.com is adding creative members to the Dev Team faster than rabbits reproduce. No dumb bunnies allowed! Care to Join the Fun?